It is no surprise to us that this world has slowly been occupied by tall and numerous buildings, factories, malls, and etc. While we continue to cut trees for our needs and not even thinking about replanting or replacing what we’ve got. As an advocate for Mother Nature’s sake, our group promotes a product that would help Mother Nature gain back her strength. 91bCvH7X7PL._SL1500_

Pencil seed is the key to a future that we want our kids to experience. Because what is a world without trees and all that greens? Of-course, we want our children to experience fresh air, and beautiful sciences. We’d still want them to have picnics in mountains, plant trees, and relax to the refreshing air  in the woods.

What difference does these pencil seeds make?

This pencil comes with a double purpose, it writes perfectly on any paper plus you could help save mother.

SPROUT  :Three students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, came up with this idea for the task: “Design the sustainable office article of tomorrow” The students set out to create the first plantable pencil in the world. The Sprout pencil was designed to be made out of sustainable wood with a dissolvable end capsule containing seeds.

The first Sprout pencil was sold in the summer of 2013. There was overwhelming interest from press, bloggers, businesses, organizations, and consumers. The demand increased steadily as the awareness of the Sprout pencil was backed globally by PR and recommendations.

This product come with various seed variants, which provide you with the possibility of growing your own garden with different kinds of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits. View what kind of products we have in the different plant categories below.


Sprout is constantly expanding its portfolio with new products, all of which are rooted in sustainability and support today’s focus on “re-usage”. Using Sprout’s pencils, paper, and cards, you can give used products new life instead of reducing them to waste.






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