ICT has made me grow into a “paint person” to a “piktochart lover”. This semester opened my eyes to many sites wherein I can explore my soul for arts and design. I even thought that this subject would not encourage me but instead it made me more focused and persevered in making my dreams happen. With Piktochart, i can already make posters and print ads. with cute and sleek designs. And with wordpress, I can finally share my thoughts about art and fashion. Another feature I like about this website is that I could customize it and make it more likely me.

With these websites and information that I have discovered, I am a step closer to fulfilling my dream of being a blogger/ YouTuber. It’s amazing how these kinds of websites change peoples live by just clicking one button. “Today with the rise of knowledge societies and knowledge-based economies, the focus falls on value-added products and processes, placing more demands on ICT development, industry and government”. The impact of ICT has widen by reaching the whole world.

ICT has helped a lot of people, bloggers in particular, to share their thoughts and ideas to the world. And these blogs, often change people’s lives by informing them on facts, hacks  and all that trend.

“The nerds have suddenly set free the liberal arts types in droves. The artsies have not yet quite figured out this enormous gift and its full potential. Nonetheless, the phenomenon is well at work, and it will change the rules of the game for creative professionals world-wide. It will also change the rules for marketers and brand-builders.”- Sramana Mitra SM ’95

And at the end of the day, ICT has been a stepping stone to a new and better future for all of us. And the greater good will always be its first priority.


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